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Strategy session with Aeroklasduys

Just spent 3 days with the senior management team of Aeroklasduys at Gwahumbe Game Lodge. Focus was on Goal alignment and Culture. We achieved a huge amount in a relatively short space of time, including … 

  • KPI alignment (using the epic scorecard) across the senior team,
  • Role & Goal clarity (Strategic Objectives and Actions aligned to Company Strategy
  • Weekly Commitments with a focus on the Important, Not Urgent
  • An agreed timeline of engagement to drive a ‘Cadence of Accountability’ (annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly).

The team had a chance to trial our new Kudos feature that will help entrench a culture of ‘catching people doing it right’ through a simple and engaging process of reward and recognition.

It was also good to see how important metrics such as Safety Observations will now be captured in epic using the Suggestion Box online feature. Setting up surveys (Climate and 360’s) as well as Executive Dashboards still to come.

All in all a valuable opportunity to step back, reflect on what is important and plan accordingly. Now to the all-important ‘Execution’!