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New feature development, the Lean Startup way!

Just 6 Weeks from Initial Concept to Beta Launch – Flex Surveys

I just need to shout-out for a moment to say how proud I am of our 'epic' team for bringing Concept to Reality and just 6 short weeks!

Mike Robertson, my business partner and 24/7 Developer 'Par Excellence', along with our brilliant support team in Susan and Heather, who take the meaning of customer service to the next level (as evidenced by the overwhelming feedback we constantly get from delighted clients), have surpassed all expectations - yet again!

The Challenge: To develop a ‘World Class’, iconic Survey tool as part of the epic offering

Context: While there is a lot of so-called ‘Free’ software out there that allows you to design and run surveys, the user experience is invariably frustrating. Unless you ‘upgrade’ to a paid version of most of these online software solutions, the important features are off limits! But worse - even if you can get through the fairly complicated design process, the final results (if you have access to them) tend to be presented in poorly structured reports and the results are difficult to analyse.

Our Wildly Important Goal: Could we not produce something of a Game Changer from end to end: Ease of design; plenty of question type options, simple & quick for participants to rate; Brilliant, easy to interpret reports!




The result! We did it – in just 6 weeks! 

  1. A list of 13 different question types to choose from
  2. Extremely simple drag and drop design with tips and examples as you go
  3. Brilliant, professional looking reporting of results - includes graphs, an option to analyse responses for sentiment (AI driven), a scored NPS (if used) as well as Excel export of data for further in-depth analysis 

If you are interested in designing and running a complimentary Flex survey as part of our Beta testing phase please contact johnny@epicIT.com

Strategy session

Late post: Great Strategy session with the Brand Communication team Jonsson Workwear last week. Love working with Creatives... Never know what to expect except the certainty that it will be different to anything you've ever done before
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